Monday, 26 March 2012

Corp Scan Online a survey that pays

Corp Scan Online a survey that pays

Corp scan online survey
We have seen Paid online surveys are among the best opportunities to online surveysCorp Scan Online a survey that pays make some extra money. We must remember the fact that though paid surveys offer great opportunity to make money; we cannot aspire to make a living or career with it. At the most it could be a part time opportunity. There are some surveys that pays and some don’t pay that well. I have selected Corp Scan online for a review.
Before I begin I would like to remind my Visitors about the Scams around us. Paid surveys is an opportunity that requires lot of patience. On an average a survey provider will send a maximum of 3 surveys. All you can earn is around 6 to 10 dollars from one survey provider. Every survey provider has a limit before we can receive the money. Some surveys pay only after we accumulate 50 dollars. The point to reckon here is the fact that we invest lot of our time and effort on it and if we encounter a scam we lose all that effort and time.

I joined Corp scan info with lots of hope. The offer was flattering. There was a survey available anytime in the website They were offering to deposit the money we make directly to the bank account. I joined corp scan info and answered many surveys in the beginning. They also have a good referral system that pays 20 rupees per survey answered by our referrals. This was an offer I found very attractive. One more positive I must inform you is the fact that they send email whenever we refer a person.

In 6 months I referred more than 300 persons and earned more than 3000 rupees. The problem started when I asked them to deposit the money to my account. There was no reply. Yes I am right. I sent more than 25 messages to them without a reply from their side. They keep on ignoring our messages. I even sent them a message with 7 days deadline. I received no reply. This taught me a lesson. I am going back to all the survey providers I recommend and make sure that they are all genuine. You are going to see a lot of reviews from Now.
My Review
Do not Join this company. This company is a Scam. They respond you when you are a beginner. But once you accumulate enough money and ask for a payment you will not receive any reply. I would recommend all those joined to take some kind of action... I have seen many negative reviews for this company already. A Google search will help you decide..

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