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Freelance Writing Opportunities

What is Freelance writing

What does the term Freelance stands for? According to Wikipedia “A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a self-employed person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any particular employer.” According to,” freelancer.A person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like,selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer”.
Freelance writing oppurtunitiesNow you know what freelancing stands for. It is one of the greatest opportunities to make money online. In this section we are going to discuss about freelance writing opportunities. We shall discuss about the opportunities that are available and the efforts that are required from you to meet the challenges and make money.

Freelance writing opportunities.

Freelance writing opportunities refer to the opportunity to write and make money. Here in the market, you offer your writing skills as a seller to buyers who are interested in your writing skill. You can select the opportunity and set your bid here. People on the other side, buyers would hire you if they are satisfied with your pricing and ability. There are many websites that offer marketplace for writers. You can join and submit your profile here. These websites will allow feature opportunities available for writers often running into thousands. You can submit your bid and wait for the interview. These websites will act as a facilitator between buyers and sellers and make a good income out of that too.

Opportunities available for a freelance writer.

Web content writer
Huge demand for this job. Thousands of websites coming up every day on different Niches and the demand for web content writers are heating up. To make money from adsense, people create websites on topics that they are not familiar with. These people use freelance websites available online to find the web content writers to write for them.

If you are going to offer your service in this section you have quite a few places to go and refer on topics you select. Visit learn more about the chosen topic. You can also visit and other articles websites to find relevant content for your research on a topic.Once you have completed the research, begin writing unique original content.Remembers the buyers always use copyscape to check whether the articles written by you are original.
Article writing
Backlinks are the most important lifeline to every website. There are many ways to create backlinks and article writing is the most preferred way to create genuine backlinks. Contact the buyers on how many words required per article and the pricing. Usually for an article with 500 words article writers charge around 5 us dollars. There are many websites available online that lists this opportunity for you.
Forum posting
As you know forums is the place to hangout. People visit forums to learn more about the topic by discussing.There are hundreds of forums that are coming up every day and forum owners like to populate their forums before actual visitors visit it. Here is the opportunity for you. There are websites that offer this opportunity to you.Remember to research on a topic before you begin writing. These offers are usually awarded to people who bid low.

Another opportunity to make money from forum posting comes from internet marketing. Webmasters use this service to build links to their websites. You can use this opportunity to make money.Usually you can find this opportunity from webmaster forums.
Blog commenting
Webmaster forums have this opportunity listed for you. You have to find forums that do follow links and comment on them with the website links provided by the webmaster. There are many more opportunities like this available online for you.
Press release writing
You can make a good living by writing press releases. There are hundreds of press release websites and you can write releases here and make money per press release.
Online journalism
You can work as an online journalist and make a decent income writing for online magazines. You are required to have perfect English and the topic you choose must be close to your heart.

Find opportunities to freelance writing

You can find these opportunities from websites that offer freelance services. These websites work as a facilitator between buyer and the seller. Buyer is a person who lists the opportunity and seller is the person who applies for the opportunity. Seller is also called as a provider. Many of these websites have a fee structure. Though almost all of them allow you to enroll free, you many not apply for all the opportunities listed there. This is also to make sure that you are joining as member and taking this seriously.There are many websites that offer this services and prominent among them are
These are only samples and there are many more websites and forums offering this opportunity. Odesk and digital point offer this service free of cost and we would suggest you to try these websites first. All you need is a paypal account to withdraw the money you earned.

Guidelines for freelance writers.

Give importance to Grammar. Most important point here is to avoid making silly mistakes. You are writing an article or a web content not to showcase your writing skills but to convey your point. You are not required to be a master in the Language. If you have decent English,you can write great informative articles. Remember it is very important to avoid spelling errors, silly grammatical errors etc. Always use MS word to type your content before you publish. It helps you to identify silly grammatical and spelling errors.
Research your topic
Always research your topic before you sit down to write your articles. Arm yourself with lot of information on the chosen topic. Remember readers will identify only with those people who write quality articles. You can use and article websites to learn more about the topic you are going to write.
Write for your audiences
This is again another important point that we do not attach enough importance. If you are looking to put forward your opinion, always write for your audiences. Write small sentences to prove your view point.
Last but not the lease If you have anymore doubts on how to begin your career, do care to write to

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