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How To Make Money On The Internet A Beginner's Guide

How To Make Money On The Internet A Beginner's Guide

How To Make Money On The Internet A Beginner's Guide
How To Make Money On The Internet A Beginner's Guide
By Timothy Kessler

Everyday hundreds of aspiring Internet entrepreneurs take their first step online with one hope: to make money on the Internet. Thousands of dollars are spent each day on ebooks, guides and membership programs by people hoping to learn the next best secret to making a lot of money online. Yet, everyday hundreds of disappointed people throw up their hands and give up. But why? Can anyone make it big on the Internet or is it reserved for a selected few?
Please believe me when I say that anyone can make a lot of money on the Internet. But if you plan to make the Internet your business, then you have to start treating it as a business. And this is where most people fail. They treat their business as a hobby.

The first step to treating the internet as a business is deciding your online strategy and this can be summed up by choosing two out of these three options: Fast, Easy or Free.
The Fast & Easy Strategy
Since you did not select Free, you know that this will involve spending money.

One method to Fast & Easy Internet Success is by joining a reputable Internet business opportunity program. While there are literally hundreds of such programs on the Internet, the two programs that I have tried and which I highly stake my reputation on is Wealthy Affiliates and The Rich Jerk.

Another method is to purchase Private Label Rights ebooks, setting up a Sales Letter online and selling these PLR ebooks. Some people have become millionaires just by doing this and it is actually pretty easy to do it.
The Fast & Free Strategy
Like it's name implies, it will not really be that easy but it is doable. This strategy involves joining a good affiliate network such as Clickbank and Commission Junction, writing articles about the products they feature and publishing your articles in professional article directories such as Ezine Articles. Here, the Law of Large Numbers rules, thus the more articles you generate, the more people you'd reach and the more sales you'd make.

This is also the most preferred method by many beginners.
The Easy & Free Strategy
The final strategy will take some time to grow but once it has reached a certain stage of success, it will just keep growing and growing.

I'm talking about blogging. The best part about blogging is that it is a business strategy that can revolve around your hobbies and interests. And you can blog about practically anything in this world and still make a good living from it.

It is easy but it will take time to grow.

You might be wondering if you could practice two different strategies at the same time. The answer to this is yes you could and when you've achieved a certain level of success online, you will definitely be adopting numerous strategies to bring you to a higher level. But as a beginner, you should start off by concentrating on one strategy first until it generates a substantial fixed monthly income before you diversify.

Remember, like any business venture, you need to practice consistency, patience and perseverance.

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