Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pay per click advertising, Google Adsense

Pay per click advertising, Google Adsense

pay per click advertisingPay per click advertising is one of the greatest money making ideas online. Pay per click service means you pay or paid per click. You pay when you join for a program like Adwords where you join to increase your web site traffic.You are paid per click when you join a service like google adsense as a publisher.
Every click on the advertisement displayed on your website helps you to make money. This is one program that helps you to make most with your website. There are various companies or firms offering this service to webmasters. YPN is the pioneer in this field till google adsense arrived and replaced YPN from the top spot. Learn more about the alternatives available to google and YPN Adsense alternatives

Google adsense is specially designed for webmasters to make money with their websites. You join as a publisher with adsense and make money from the ads displayed on your website. Google adsense is the leader in this pay per click advertising. There are many more companies or firms operating on internet. Apart from YPN or Yahoo publisher network there are not many leaders here. Google adsense is the clear winner and leader here followed by YPN, MSN, Adbrite, Miva, OXado, Bidvertiser etc. Let us learn more about google adsense in the following pages.

What is Adsense

Points to remember.
  • Google adsense is a content based advertising service.
  • Everybody who has a blog or website can make money with Adsense.
  • You must have decent content
  • You must have respectable visitor statistics
  • You are paid per valid clicks.
  • Google has zero tolerance towards fraudulent activities.
To apply and get approved by adsense there are some requirements. Learn the requirements here. Adsense requirements.

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