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Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic
increase website trafficA successful website requires visitors to be successful. More the visitors more popular your site is. If you are looking to make money with Adsense or other pay per click advertising programs you need traffic to be successful.More traffic means more money here.Webmasters use various techniques to improve traffic. These techniques are both online and offline. You can use both these techniques to improve the traffic. Remember people visit only those sites that are useful to them. If you want people to come back and visit your site more and more remember to update your site and include useful information.
There are certain promotional methods google and other pay per click companies does not approve. Learn more about these services by clicking here. Adsense don't

Submit your site to Search engines

Most important step a webmaster must do immediately after the completion of his website is submitting the url to the search engines. A professional webmaster will always look to achieve traffic from the search engines. To maximize the traffic you are required to do a lot of things like creation of back links etc.Once you submit your site to the most famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, etc you can begin the promotional works like creation of back links, and search engine optimization etc. Remember more than 90 percent of your search engine traffic will come through Yahoo, Google and MSN. Submit to google, Yahoo, Msn

Submit Your website to directories

Once you have submitted your site to search engines your next stop is to submit your site to the directories. There are different directories for different Niche sites. You can first submit your site with Dmoz. Then you can proceed to submit yout site to directories that concern your Niche. For example there are directories that specialize on the basis of countries, topics etc. A simple search on internet may be enough to bring a lot of related directories that you may love to submit.
Submit to Dmoz

Submit to Digg and other social networking sites.

Your next stop is submitting to Digg and other websites. Digg is the most important social networking site that webmasters use to create a back link and reach the search engine fast. In short Digg is a must. You can also bookmark your site with all social networking sites. These sites include Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo bookmark, Google Bookmark, Hi5, Orkut etc. This is done to create backlinks and reach search engine. You can ask your friends to bookmark your site so that you can create too many backlinks too soon. Digg is the most important site you mist submit yout website along with stumble upon.
Submit to Digg
Submit to Stumble upon

Release press releases

Next step in this continuing process is to write press releases. Press releases are an important promotional strategy. Press releases are released to create back links and also improve the chance of getting viral response. There are websites that specializes in this segment. After becoming a member you can write press releases. These press releases would be picked by journalists who love the story. You can leave a link to your site at the bottom of the press release. That means your site will go viral which multiplies a lot. More journalists love your store more places it would be published. Write your PR with an idea to attract Journalists.
Submit PR WEB

Write Articles

More methods to increase traffic

Link Traffic
This is the most important exercise if you are in the field of creating websites and making money. The websites you create will gain page rank and search engine ratings based on this factors. How many websites have created a link to your website. It all comes to the most famous and important thing. YOUR WEBSITE and its quality. If you have a good website people would love it and provide a link. If you find an useful site that your visitors will be happy to visit, provide a link to them and ask a link to your website by mail.
Do not use link referral sites and Link exchanges because Adsense does not like it.
Submit to classifieds.
Classifieds have a very good place in promoting your website. Find related classified websites and publish advertisements that are related to the topic. Classified sites like Craigslist and many other sites can be made useful in helping you promote your website.
Yahoo Answer.
Yahoo answer is another way to promote your website. You can answer questions related to your topics and provide a link to your websites in the source box. It gives backlinks and free traffic.
Offline Promotion of your website.
Offline traffic ideas provide more important and immediate traffic to your website. People do not consider it as an important method. People who use these methods do report a lot of increase in the traffic once they employ these methods.
  • Visiting cards. You can include your website URL in your cards and offer it to all your friends and relatives. You can also leave cards in places people arrive like parks, railway coaches, hotels, etc.
  • Print media advertisements. You can release classifieds and other advertisements in the print media like News papers, Magazines etc. This will give you the most important push you expect that too immediate traffic.
  • Banners and posters. You can use this method to educate and inform people about your website. This is one of the important promotional methods employed by people world over. You can use these advertisements near your target areas.
  • Hand bills. Very cheap but important method to improve your traffic. This is one idea you can use with a lot of success. You can issue hand bills to your target groups to improve effectiveness of this method.

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