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Link Building

Link Building

Link building
Link Building is the most important duty of a webmaster. Once he completed his website, he is duty bound to promote his website. Building the link popularity is the most important thing in the life of any website. Google values one way link building and an effort must be made to build it. How we go about it is the question on everybody's mind. To answer this question,Today we announce the beginning of our new service, Cheapest website promotion.
The article below will help you learn do follow link building better.

Do follow Link Building

What is Do follow Link building? Every website depends on traffic. A website without traffic is like a body without life. There are two types of traffic. Traffic you receive from search engines is called organic traffic. If your website is ranked well in search engines you receive free traffic from it day in and day out. A webmaster must work towards improving organic traffic. To improve this we follow the link building exercise. Link building will help you improve the popularity of your website. Initially forums, blogs, article websites, press releases, links from other websites, two way links, are all considered as the methods to build the link popularity. Recently the websites have added rel="no follow" tags to the links. What it actually means search engines will not follow our links from these websites.

So now we have do follow and no follow links. Do follow links are valued by search engines. There are do follow search engines like followtopia that will help you in finding do follow blogs. So the Link building has become little tougher now.

We build Links from do follow blogs. We do this by commenting on these blogs. These blogs in return to useful comments we make in relation to their posts allow as one link to our websites. There are blogs that allow anchor texts too. We will have to find these blogs to comment on them. Higher the Pagerank of these blogs the better.

We also build links from Forums. Some SEO experts believe forums are the best choice to rank high for competitive keywords. Last year we ran a campaign for a customer. He was looking to rank higher for some important competitive keywords and we selected 300 forums for the Job. Within 3 months we reached the top 10 of Google for the terms we selected. The pagerank also sky rocketed. Forums allow anchor texts inside signature links. The tough part is finding forums that are do follow and allow signature links.

Next big option is Article marketing. We write articles for article websites like Ezine and Go These websites have good traffic status and page rank. In return for the articles we receive a link back which is do follow. Most SEO experts consider this as their best bet to improve the rankings.

Press releases are also considered to be a great medium for Link building. There are press release websites that publish our press releases that will be picked up by Google news and similar sites. This method is viral like article writing. It is also a good method to build links.

Directory submission was considered to be the best option till some moths ago. But Google is heavily discounting it now.

There are many more ways to build links that we will discuss later...

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